It's all about food! You'll find here Photographs of not only delicious but also awesome arranged, funny or however extraordinary food. Hope you enjoy this as much as i do!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oshi Sushi

Mhmmmm...i love Sushi. This one is called Oshi Sushi (Oshi-Sushi (押し寿司 Oshi-Zushi, dt. gepresstes Sushi). It doesn't only look good, but also tastes good. Rice, Fish and avocado are pressed together in a form and cut into pieces before eating. on top there was a sweet Mango sauce.

Japan Snack 2

May look cheap but tastes delicious

Japan Snack 1

Looks good....tastes nasty

Sunday, March 12, 2006

an apple a day...

yep--that's granny smith...when you think about it longer...whose the one to give apples names?..hm.. well..i kind of liked it's green colour in the warm sunlight

japanese sweet love

This is japanese candy i bought at a -of course- japanese supermarket. it's supposed to taste like plum ... it actually tastes like shit; that's why it's been lying around in my room for a bout a year or so. but who really cares about the taste when the packaging is "kawaiiiiii !!!!!" like this ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Beautiful Girl

"Beautiful Girl" Maki Rolls. Really refreshing and deliciously light-filled with salmon and avocado. Eaten at "Li's Cooking" at the Vienna "Naschmarkt".